Blockchain Center Miami Digital Tokenized Art Display and Contest

Johnny Dollar
2 min readDec 23, 2019

The Blockchain Center Miami is pleased to be displaying tokenized art during Miami Blockchain week January 14–19th.

The art will be displayed on a Giant 6 foot Ipad, Padzilla.

iPadzilla for displaying Crypto Art

There will also be a contest with prizes in cryptocurrency. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Entries will be judged on aesthetics, beauty, and creative use of the medium.

There will also be special prize sponsored by the BTC Center, based on the theme of “the Spirit of Satoshi” whatever that means to you.

Entry fee is $10 for up to 3 images — proceeds of fees will go towards the prizes

Click here Entry Form

All artist are welcome to enter.

We will be accepting Ethereum tokens (ERC-721) and Counterparty Tokens (XCP).

Please note only XCP tokens view-able on or made with the wallet will be accepted. Ethereum tokens must be viewable on (all platforms excepted SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Pixura, etc….)

Important Dates

January 5th at Midnight Deadline for entries

DEADLINE EXTENDED : Midnight January 6th

Janurary 12th Accepted entries will be notified and displayed

January 19th Contest winners will be announced at the Bitcoin Hackathon

Special thanks to who will be making the online display of the accepted entries

Rules: Entries must be original art submitted by the artist or artist’s authorized agent only . Collectors may not submit. No NSFW. We reserve the right to accept or not accept any piece for any reason.



Johnny Dollar

Crypto-anarchist , cypherpunk inspired artist exploring themes of privacy, surveillance, copyright, hive-mind thinking, virtual-reality, and identity.